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Proposals for unconference sessions from THATCamp participants.

Session Proposal–On organic, breathing info management

I propose a session on organic, breathing info management: how can I build a database in which

1. a lot of people can upload and refresh information on a regular basis from anywhere they wish,
2. and their info goes into ‘cool storage’ if they haven’t touched it in, say, a year; and all the way out of the system in two years?

I envision this as leaves on a tree; each person is a green leaf. The leaf turns yellow and then drops off if the leaf stops talking to the tree.

Pei-Lin Yu

Session proposal–Digital Humanities: Building Social Networks and Capacity in Idaho

From: Marc Smith et al., Mapping Twitter Topic Networks: From Polarized Crowds to Community

Brief presentation on the methods of social network analysis articulated in the article above and
brief presentation about social network visualization as a tool for historical study.

Small group discussion/brainstorming session:
Digital humanities tools have the potential to create communities of discourse, and to enhance
advocacy and action.  In a small group setting a discussion of the state of the humanities in Idaho
can lead to establishing working groups, objectives and strategies for future activity.

In preparation I have created a survey that may be filled out before, during or after
THATCamp BSU, and its data examined during and after the conference.

Link to survey:

Lawrence Shapiro